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Documentation and design

Good businesses recognise the importance of great documentation and design. Their product documentation helps customers get the most from their products, and its design conveys the quality of their business. However, much documentation fails to deliver useful content and quality, which can impact those products and affect the business’ image.

JWL Design is passionate about content and quality. We know that great user documentation can add value to your products and business:

  • Assisting sales
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Reducing support calls and associated costs

Over the years, we have developed clear, concise documentation and user assistance for a range of hardware and software products. Our printed and online deliverables include:

  • Graphical fold-out sheets and quick start guides
  • Concepts guides, user guides, and developer API guides
  • Help systems and HTML knowledge bases
  • Integration guides and training material
  • Company brochures and product datasheets
  • Processes and policy documents

On every project, we assess the users’ needs, understand the product and technology, and produce clear, concise, effective documentation. We are reliable and always keep an eye on the budget and release target.

Effective working within your environment

We are often required to work alongside engineering teams while the product is in development. We are proactive and adapt quickly to the development environment, working effectively with the teams to extract the required knowledge and content while remaining sensitive to their workloads.

We are very capable handling multiple documentation projects simultaneously, taking them from initial scope to delivery. Past work includes:

  • Assessing and estimating documentation suites for new product lines
  • Managing and maintaining complete documentation sets and templates
  • Re-structuring and re-writing old documentation, bringing it up-to-date
  • Migrating documentation sets between authoring systems
  • Developing in-house graphics styles and writing standards

Our technical authors can also slot into your existing technical publications team to help you overcome project spikes.

We have also helped our smaller clients put their business into words, writing their marketing copy and producing their sales brochures and web content.

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