Process documentation

How good are your business processes and procedures?

Every good business relies on clearly documented processes and procedures that:

  • Enable their teams to deliver quality products efficiently and consistently
  • Ensure that appropriate business checks and decisions occur
  • Ensure that the business and products conform to industry regulations and standards

However, not every business has complete processes or keeps them aligned with business changes. Guidance can be cumbersome, unclear, out-of-date, or inconsistent across the business. Experienced staff feel burdened, ignore the processes, and work around omissions. New staff have an incomplete picture. Important decisions are missed, errors are made, projects are delayed, and time and money are wasted. The right things happen only because someone knows what to do and when. But their knowledge is not recorded and they leave.

Good processes are effective, quick to access, and easy to follow. They do not restrict staff unnecessarily—they help them to work efficiently and flexibly, when necessary. The main stakeholders receive the correct information and the business delivers and evolves.

We can help you save time and money

JWL Design has produced effective product lifecycle and process documentation for clients.

We recognise that your subject experts and stakeholders know their business areas well but are often busy and dislike, or have trouble, capturing that knowledge and keeping it up-to-date. They prefer to focus on their daily tasks. We can work with them to develop the necessary processes.

We can provide a fresh, objective view of your existing business processes and project framework, and re-align them to your new/desired business model. We untangle and map the flows of information, and clarify the main responsibilities, phase gates, and decision points.

We can check and improve your existing documentation, create entirely new content, and implement audit and compliance feedback. We produce the templates and content that you need, in the formats that best suit your organisation.

Our aim is to produce clear, concise, effective processes that are tailored to your business.

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